Diana Robete - The author behind DBAParadise.com

Hi, my name is Diana Robete!

Welcome to DBA Paradise, the place where DBAs grow!

I’m a senior DBA consultant and founder of DBAParadise.com – an inbox magazine designed to help you find focus, motivation and inspiration to become a better Database Administrator.

Who is this blog for?

  • This blog is for the DBA that is looking to improve their skills, that are looking to find better ways of implementing, or executing a specific task.
  • This blog is for the DBA that wants to GROW!
  • This blog is for the DBA that is looking to create and improve processes.
  • This blog is for the DBA that wants to be PROACTIVE, instead of reactive!

What can I expect from DBA Paradise:

  • How to get the motivation, and focus on improving your skills as a DBA
  • Helpful ideas on daily DBA tasks, automation and reporting
  • Step by step guides and cheat sheets


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Diana! I’m happy to have found this site (originally via LinkedIn post) and pleased to see your career developing in this way. I’d love to catch up with you over coffee one day.

    But I rarely get downtown anymore. I overwinter in Arizona (just got back) so I don’t even make it out to many COUG meetings. I currently have only one client active – not that I’m complaining! Over the years after retiring from Shell, I’ve had lots of work. As I get older, I find I have better things to do with my time (5 grandchildren to visit, geocaching, breakfast at A&W 🙂 ).

    I’ll sign up to get your blogs. Wherever do you find the time?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Wayne! Glad to hear from you as well! Thank you for subscribing and for your support! I hope you find the articles useful, or at least entertaining! I am glad you spend time in Arizona, it’s a beautiful place, and also with the family. When you are in Calgary, let me know, and we can grab a coffee or lunch!

  2. Hi Diana,

    I accidently buped on this website from Linkedin. Really happy that I did come here. Just one thing I would like to suggest, Could you please update or write few more blogs on RAC and 12c.


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