What Is the Become User Privilege

What Is the Become User Privilege

October 12, 2022 Off By dianarobete

You might be learning something new today, as I did when I ran the DBSAT Oracle utility! In the generated report, I noticed a privilege that was mentioned: Become User Privilege. I found it interesting, so I started reading up on it. The only thing is, there is not much information in the documentation about this privilege. The reason behind it, I think, would be that Oracle uses it internally, and it is not really a privilege that you must grant to a user explicitly.

The Become User Privilege is required by DataPump to be able to import objects into a different schema, on behalf of the schema owner.

The privilege is granted explicitly to IMP_FULL_DATABASE role (through a direct grant) and DBA role, and implicitly to DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE role (through a role grant), and of course t is also granted to SYS.

select PRIVILEGE from dba_sys_privs 
where GRANTEE='IMP_FULL_DATABASE' order by 1;


select GRANTED_ROLE from dba_role_privs 


When you enable Database Vault, this privilege is revoked from the two roles mentioned above: IMP_FULL_DATABASE, DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE, and disabling Database Vault will grant the privilege back again. This is expected behaviour.

I’d like to emphasize this that this privilege will not give you proxy privileges to other schemas. This privilege is strictly used by DataPump import. In order to proxy to other schemas, you require other privilege (connect through proxy).

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