3 Things Awesome DBAs Do In The Summer!

3 Things Awesome DBAs Do In The Summer!

July 5, 2020 Off By dianarobete

With summer around the corner, a slower time at work for DBAs comes as well, (and for the IT department in general). If you have some free time on your hands, there are some things you could do, that will help you emerge
as a better DBA, by the end of the summer.

Do you find you don’t get as many request from users, as you did a month ago, and you wonder what you could do?
Are lots of your colleagues on vacation, and you are stuck in the office, or home office?
Do you feel tired, and in need of a break?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep on reading, I’ve got some tips for you!

First of all, the word SUMMER, makes me think of vacation, beaches, sand, mountains…anything but work related! And I am sure it is the same for you as well!

So, my number one recommendation for you is to TAKE some TIME OFF, even if just for a couple of days, and disconnect from work, from your cellphone… from anything you do on a regular basis. This can work wonders for your brain and well being!

Even though I started to talk about vacation, today’s post is not about vacationing, instead it is about things you could do as a DBA when the work slows down. Here’s my list! Let me know which one is your favorite one!

  1. Automate!

Look at the tasks you did throughout the year, or the last 6 months, and see if there is anything that could be automated.
Were you changing user passwords manually in each database? Then create a script that would do that for you in all the databases on the server, or in the whole enterprise.
Were you dropping users manually in each database? Then create a script that would drop the users in all the databases.
Were you disabling scheduler jobs manually? Create a script that disables the jobs for you!
Were you checking tablespace and data files location and sizes manually? Create a script that does that for you!
Were you checking the audit trail once a week for suspicious activity? Create a script that does that for you, and emails you with the findings!

With automation the sky is the limit! When you create these scripts, not only do you benefit from the automation, you also improve your SQL and scripting skills.
You learn ways to get information out of the database. You learn how to write better SQL statements and PLSQL blocks of code. You learn to write Unix scripts and/or Powershell scripts, depending on what platform
your databases run!

Awesome DBAs Automate!

  1. Document!

Does your database environment diagram needs to be updated? Do you have such a diagram in the first place? If not, now is the time to create one or to update the existing one.
Is there any documentation that requires some updates? There is always something to be updated, or to be written, as the database environment is not a static environment, it always changes.
When we are busy and come across outdated documentation, we put it on a to-do list, where we forget about it.
Review your documentation, and update it as you see fit!

Awesome DBAs Document!

  1. Learn Something New!

With some free time on your hand, you could really sharpen your skills. Think about what you could do with having 30 min of free time a day! This time could amount to 150 minutes a week, or 600 minutes a month! That is like 10 hours!
Take a look and see where you’d like to improve your skills.
Are you implementing something new in the security field? Then read up and study Oracle’s security features!
Are you planning to do some RMAN backup and restore testing in the fall? Then start to read and study Oracle’s RMAN tool.
Are you planning to write an Oracle Certification? Then go ahead map out what you need to study, and start studying!
Are you looking to improve your performance and tuning skills? Then read up and study Oracle’s tuning guide! If you don’t want to spend hours and hours to figure out how Oracle tuning is done, then I can help you!
I laid out all you need to know about Oracle’s performance and tuning in The Ultimate SQL Tuning Formula! With only 6 modules, and 5 hours later, your tuning skills will be much better! Just follow the link to sign up at the special July rate!

Awesome DBAs Learn Something New!

This summer, don’t let the opportunity of a slower work environment pass by you without taking any action! Start now to Automate, Document and Learn Something New!

What action are you going to take? Let me know in the comments, I read every comment and every email!