3 Reasons DBAs Are Awesome

3 Reasons DBAs Are Awesome

August 24, 2016 Off By dianarobete

Get your morning coffee and while sipping it, close your eyes, and imagine what being an AWESOME DBA, means to you.

(BTW, did you notice that 99.9% of DBAs survive on coffee? I am kind of the exception here)

I don’t know what your imagining, but I want to tell you that many times we do have preconceived ideas and limiting beliefs about what being an AWESOME DBA means to us.

If I only learn that one more skill, I will be an AWESOME DBA
If I only get the OCP, OCM certification…you name it, then I will be an AWESOME DBA….
If I present at that special Oracle Users Group meeting, then I will be an AWESOME DBA

Does this sound familiar?

Let me tell you something…

You don’t need a certification to be an AWESOME DBA!
You don’t need to present at Oracle Users Groups and conferences to be an AWESOME DBA!
You don’t need to have a blog and write articles, white papers or books, to be an AWESOME DBA!
You don’t need to have 10-20-30 years of experience, to be an AWESOME DBA!

You don’t need any of this, to be an AWESOME DBA. This is just the icing on the cake!

Being awesome at something is a mater of perspective. Think about it for a minute.

Do databases run better if you are OCP certified?
Do your deployments run better because you wrote an article on a blog?
Do you do a better job because you presented at a conference?


My intention with this blog post is to open your eyes to the Amazing DBA that is within you!

Today’s post is for

  • the DBA that goes unnoticed for months, because the databases run smoothly…
  • the DBA that is working long hours to deliver on time…
  • the DBA that start early
  • the DBA that is there for the team
  • the DBA that is teaching and mentoring others
  • all the DBAs

Really, why are we DBAs so freaking AWESOME?

Reason#1 – DBA Keeps Databases Running

The DBA makes sure databases are available for end users. You think this is not much?

Look at it this way:

databases are down = business is not running = company loses money

If something breaks and creates an outage, the DBA not only fixes it, it also comes up with proactive approaches/methods to prevent the incident from reoccurring.

Reason#2 – DBA Gets The Job Done

We are constantly asked to deliver.

A user needs access immediately to the production database.
A project manager needs an audit report and explanation for the audit entries by 9:00am.
There are change controls scheduled to be deployed today and you need to prepare.
All of a sudden nobody can connect to a production database…

This is a pretty typical day in the life of a DBA.

I get it. From the user’s perspective the access to the database is the most important thing, that’s why they need it immediately.
For the PM, the audit report is at the top of today’s TO DO LIST…

With all the pulls in different directions, we get the job done, and make things happen.
At the end of the day, we deliver that report, we deploy the change to production, we get the access for the user setup, and even deal with the emergency production issue!

Reason#3 – DBA Provides Solutions

The DBA either knows the answer or it finds it for you.

DBAs do not give up in front of challenges. DBAs keep troubleshooting or thinking about the problems, until they find solutions, and answers.

Now, give yourself a big pat on the back and acknowledge yourself for doing an AWESOME JOB every single day!

I could keep writing reasons DBAs are awesome, such as

  • willing to work over time
  • willing to learn new things
  • showing up when critical incidents occur
  • going to meetings and deployments, prepared and ready to roll
  • being on time

I would love to hear from you. Why do you think DBAs are AWESOME?

Leave a comment below, or email me at [email protected]!

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